Organization Aims To Pair Former Military With Jobs In Laundry Industry

(July, 2018) Laundry industry veteran Corey Simonson recently launched Clean Return USA, a nonprofit endeavor created specifically to help the commercial laundry industry fill job openings with former soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines cycling out of the military. The sole purpose of this organization is to bring together the laundry industry with qualified people looking to build new careers.

“Veterans will represent themselves and your business in a professional fashion,” said Simonson, Vice President of BDS Laundry. “They come with an understanding of teamwork and responsibility. They are detail-oriented and follow direction.”

If you have any questions about how to take advantage of this new opportunity to strengthen your laundry business, e-mail:

Textile Care Allied Trades Association · 4023 North Armenia Avenue, Suite 270 · Tampa, FL · USA · 33607 · 813-348-0075

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