ELLIS Expands Into Water Recycling With New Partnership

(July, 2018) ELLIS Corporation of Itasca, Illinois, a manufacturer of industrial laundry products and systems, recently signed an exclusivity partnership with Aqua Engineers Inc. (AEI), a company that has twenty years of experience with microfiltration.

“Between our expertise in water systems with Ludell, our wastewater treatment experience, our newfound expertise in chemistry with John Schultz and now our membrane experience, I believe we can offer customers a complete solution for their entire wastewater and recycling process,” says Bob Fesmire Jr. President. “AEI is for us the “expert’s expert” in membrane filtration.”

“Ellis represents the kind of company we want to partner with,” says Rich Fiola, principal with AEI. “They have not only extensive wastewater engineering experience, but a highly knowledgeable and experienced staff of field service personnel with a commitment to the customer that is a necessity for success.”


Pictured Above: Ellis President Bob Fesmire Jr., Aqua Engineers (AEI) Principal Rich Fiola, Ellis CEO Bob Fesmire Sr., Ellis Director of Water Solutions John Schultz.

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