Update on Water Reuse Standard

(January, 2018) TCATA previously informed you about a water reuse standard (NSF/ANSI 350) of significant concern to manufacturers of wastewater/reuse equipment and laundry machinery, as well as commercial laundry operators. You will recall that the standard, meant for onsite residential and commercial reuse water systems, has been sometimes incorrectly applied to commercial laundry facilities.

Working with our partner the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA), TCATA secured a letter of exemption for commercial laundry facilities from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).  However, this letter alone will not fully correct the problem. TCATA, TRSA, and several laundry machinery and laundry operator representatives, as well as representatives from EPA and county/city inspecting operations have been serving as part of the technical committee to make corrections to this standard. This committee recently voted to develop a new standard under the current one with the goal of developing a standard which will appropriately apply to laundry operations. This will take considerable time and effort, with no current deadline having been set. Contact David Cotter at TCATA if you would like more information. 

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