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(March, 2022) TCATA staff recently visited with members in the Tampa/Clearwater area of Florida. Leslie Schaeffer, TCATA CEO and Luci Ward, TCATA Business Manager toured Seitz, The Fresher Company with Kurt Wickiser (c) and Frank Briercheck (l). While there, they discussed the effects of the supply chain and labor market on our industry.







The next stop was Kemco Systems in Clearwater. Tom Vanden Heuvel (c) and Matt Lewis (l) gave Leslie and Luci a tour of their offices and plant where fabrication of their equipment is completed. It was wonderful to reconnect with members and we look forward to visiting with more members at our conference.








(August, 2021) TCATA CEO Leslie Schaeffer and Business Manager Luci Ward recently attended the National Association of Wholesalers Association Executive Council summer meeting in Chicago, IL.

While there, they visited with Chicago Dryer and Sankosha USA.

The TCATA staff toured the Sankosha facilities, inspected gardens planted by team members, and enjoyed lunch with Sankosha President Wes Nelson, Michelle Lee, Tariq Rand, and Eric Lee.

The next stop was Chicago Dryer where Leslie and Luci were given a factory tour. While there they spent time with Bruce Johnson, President of Chicago Dryer, along with Jenna Johnson, Tom Kindy, and Chuck Anderson.

Coincidentally, at the time of their visit Rick Kelly, Vice President of Pellerin Milnor of Kenner, LA, was also visiting Chicago Dryer.

It was so nice to visit with members (including with two TCATA past Presidents) while in the Chicago area. We hope to visit with more in the near future.

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