What Members Say...

If you are a manufacturer or distributor in the drycleaning or laundry industry, you need to be a member of TCATA - but don't take our word for it, listen to what our members say:


“Since I began attending TCATA Conferences, I have met and developed relationships
with other members that I likely would never have met - this has has resulted
in a significant increase in my company’s sales.”

- Mike Leeming, Parker Boiler Company, Los Angeles, CA


“I really appreciated all the work you and the TCATA team put into the conference.
I have been to countless conferences in my career
and have not seen one done better. Congratulations.”

Terry Stanton, FabriClean Supply, Inc., Dallas, TX


“Attending the Annual Conference offers me the opportunity to brainstorm
with the best and brightest our industry has to offer. Between the speakers and the networking opportunities provided there, TCATA makes my company money.”

Ron Herson, Herson Supply, Gaithersburg, MD


“Understanding industry activity is important and is worthy of membership by itself.
But knowing the people in your industry can create significant value,
and TCATA offers the opportunity to create this value.”

David Tingue,Tingue, Brown & Co., Northbrook, IL


“The very best combination of networking and negotiation opportunities
in an extremely enjoyable and relaxed environment. For distributors and
manufacturers, there is nothing to substitute the TCATA Conference with.”

- Mike Fahar, United Fabricare Supply, Compton, CA


“The business programs at the Conference are consistently
among the best and most useful to my business.”

- Lawton Jones, AristoCraft, Oxford, Massachusetts


“Economist Alan Beaulieu helped me enormously in determining
how best to position my company in the coming years.
If I never got anything out of future TCATA conference business programs,
the practical information I learned from him would be worth a lifetime of attending.

- Roger Komins, Avon, Massachusetts


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