Sunburst Gives Back

(January, 2018) Sunburst Chemicals Inc., of Bloomington, Michigan, a provider of solid chemical, detergent and dispensing technology, honored its long-held commitment to the surrounding community through providing those in need with both laundry detergent and food drive donations.

Sunburst Chemicals worked with Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People (VEAP), a nonprofit, human service organization with a mission to create pathways to stronger, more hopeful communities through access to healthy food, housing stability and supportive services, serving the Minneapolis metro area. The company donated 938 gallons of Pride laundry detergent over the past four quarters to local community members in need.

“At Sunburst, we’ve always felt a strong sense of attachment to our surrounding community,” says Rob Laughlin, president of Sunburst Chemicals. “We’ve created an organizational culture that puts service above self. We are grateful to VEAP for the opportunity to give back whatever we can and to use our vocation to help keep our community clean and safe."

In the spirit of the holiday season, Sunburst Chemicals says it also held an employee-run food drive in November with a goal of giving 250 pounds of food to VEAP. Shortly before Thanksgiving, the employees of Sunburst Chemicals turned in 396 pounds of food donations.

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