Fautless Starch/Bon Ami Company Partners with United Way on Giving Campaign

(March, 2018) United Way of Greater Kansas City, Missouri’s Loads of Love KC annual Giving Tuesday campaign topped its fundraising goal by $7,000, enabling more schools to solve local school kids’ attendance issues that relate to a lack of clean clothing. United Way of Greater Kansas City partnered with Faultless Starch/Bon Ami Company and Faultless Healthcare Linen and raised $22,000 -- exceeding a $15,000 goal -- to purchase washers, dryers and laundry supplies for Kansas City schools in need. The outpouring of donations will expand help to kids at seven schools instead of five initially targeted for the fundraiser.

The Loads of Love KC initiative allows children to discreetly bring clothes that need washing to school. The benefits of having a washer/dryer in the school house have proven to increase attendance and improve student behavior. “Not only are students more motivated to come to school when they wear clean, crisp clothes, but this kind of resource lets students know their community cares about them,” said Stephanie Miller Senior Manager – Individual Giving.

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