President's Report

March 20, 2020

Hello Fellow TCATA Members,

When I first learned of David Cotter’s demise, I worried that TCATA might implode. But it didn’t. With the guidance and hard work of Leslie Schaeffer, Luci Ward and Bill Odorizzi, and with the active participation of our Board, our association has stabilized and is ready for the future. As part of that stabilizing process, we took on the challenge of organizing the 2020 conference. Now, after all the work that was done putting it together, the payoff of actually getting together with one another and participating in a successful conference has been snatched from us. What a disappointment. 

I suspect we’re all feeling a little let down. Who needs a missed opportunity to network, to learn and to socialize? This on top of the extraordinary challenges we are all facing today!  

Fortunately, I find solace in knowing that our association, our community, is strong. And the friendships we have forged are stronger than ever. How much better it is to face the challenges of today, knowing, that at the end of the day, we will get through this together!

Thank you.  Stay well.


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