UNX Celebrates 50 Years With TCATA

UNX of Greenville, NC celebrates its 50th anniversary of TCATA membership in 2020. Founded in 1958 by Mr. Robert Stell, UNX develops and manufactures cleaning chemicals for laundry, housekeeping, and ware washing.

Their mission is to provide the most innovative cleaning solutions, while serving with integrity and excellence.

Mr. Stell believed existing technologies in the chemical industry had not yet caught up with the actual technologies available at the time. On this premise, UNX pioneered new surfactant technology for the laundry industry and started a tradition of offering technologies to the chemical market that not only satisfied the quality needs of the day, but also addressed the future.

A focus on innovation and technology is part of the DNA of UNX. UNX is known for both high quality products and their expert service. Their team has years of industry experience.

Under the leadership of Josh Clark, CEO, and Todd Clements, COO, the UNX team consists of not only UNX employees but also a robust network of distributors. UNX believes that distributors are key to success, as they allow customers access to localized inventory, timely product deliveries and the service response times they need and deserve.

Please join us in congratulating UNX on their milestone anniversary with TCATA. We wish them many more years of success and prosperity.

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