Attendee List

2023 TCATA Management & educational Conference Attendees

Acton, Ty and Peggy                                                                             Tingue, Brown & Company

Alverez, Renee                                                                                       Industrial Equipment & Supplies

Atwater, Alex and Kristy                                                                       A-1 Products

Baker, James                                                                                       Minnesota Chemical

Benzinger, Kathy                                                                                  DLI/Benzinger's Clothing Care

Davis, Jeff                                                                                            UNX-Christeyns

Eckenrode, Dave                                                                                 LC SUPPLY

Hammond, Terry                                                                                   UNX-Christeyns

Heaviside, Jack                                                                                      Sunburst Chemicals

Henke, Ben and Kim                                                                             Intex Distributing

Henke, Gerald and Jackie                                                                    Intex Distributing

Hericks, Trevor and Canessa                                                               FabriClean Supply

Horwath, Jim and Kay                                                                          Horwath Laundry Equipment

Hughes, Jeff                                                                                           Colmac Industries

Jira, Greg                                                                                                Messe Frankfurt

James, David                                                                                         Service First Processing

Johnson, Bruce and Liz                                                                       Chicago Dryer

Johnson- Tishler, Jenna and Mike Tishler                                        Chicago Dryer

Johnson, Orville and Tammy                                                              FabriClean Supply

Kelly, Rick and Angela                                                                          Pellerin Milnor Corporation

Lamons, Matt and Melissa                                                                 Loomis Brothers Equipment

Lawson, Kevin and Lee                                                                        Tristate Laundry Equipment

Leeming, Michael and Nancy                                                             Parker Boiler Company

Magnus, Mack                                                                                      M & B Hangers

Magnus, Milton and Gail                                                                    M & B Hangers

Markman, Herb and Ellen                                                                  Positek/RFID

Nelson, Wesley                                                                                     Sankosha USA, Inc.

Odorizzi, Bill                                                                                          Sankosha USA, Inc. (Retired)

Ottman, Chip and Alison                                                                     R. W. Martin Company

Perez, Stephanie                                                                                  Industrial Equipment & Supplies

Pilger, David                                                                                          Industrial Equipment & Supplies

Poy, Russ and Karen                                                                             Pellerin Milnor Corporation

Rothrock, Jimmy                                                                                    Rothrock Supply and Distribution

Schwarzmann, Fred and Debi                                                            A. L. Wilson Chemical Company

Schwarzmann, Randy and Ivonne                                                     A. L. Wilson Chemical Company

Seitz, Alexander and Alix                                                                    SEITZ, The Fresher Company

Shamion, Justin                                                                                    Colmac Industries

Silverman, John and Jennifer                                                             Tschopp Supply Company

Smith, Rusty and Darlene                                                                   Forenta

Thomas, John and Claire                                                                    M & B Hangers

Thompson, Charlie and Shelley Timm-Thompson                         American Trade Magazines

Tingue, David                                                                                       Tingue, Brown & Company

Uchikoshi, Keisuke                                                                              Sankosha, USA

Vacek, Robb and Corinne O’Neill                                                     Horwath Laundry Equipment

White, Christopher                                                                             America’s Best Cleaners

Wickiser, Kurt and Kyymara Rose Scott                                           SEITZ, The Fresher Company

Williams, Gene and Crystal                                                               American Laundry Products

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