EPA Launches Smart Sectors Initiative

(October 2017) Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt recently launched a new initiative that he said will reverse the adversarial approach to industry under the Obama administration. The new program was launched as the pro-business "Smart Sectors" initiative, which will seek to form relationships between the EPA and a number of key business sectors.

The Smart Sectors program is named for its sector-based approach that is considered to be a smarter way of regulating industry to provide "benefits" such as "increased long-term certainty and predictability," while opening up inroads to new "creative solutions based on sound data... and more sensible policies to improve environmental protection."

The initiative will create "program leads" to liaison with each sector of the industry, according to the agency. According to the Agency, the leads will serve as ombudsmen within the Agency across program and regional offices. Staff will also conduct educational site tours, host round tables with EPA leadership, analyze data and advise about options for environmental improvement; maintain open dialogue with business partners and their environmental committees; and, develop reports that profile the impact of each sector on the environment and the economy.

Pruitt added: "When industries and regulators better understand each other, the economy, public, and the environment all benefit."

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