Sankosha Celebrates 25 Years in United States

(August, 2018) Sankosha USA held its 25th year celebration with an open house on August 1 at their office in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Company founder Mitsuyuki Uchikoshi began as a drycleaner, but was always interested in pressing machines, and in ways that would make it easier for drycleaners to operate their businesses. After giving this much thought, he founded Sankosha.

Mr. Uchikoshi wanted to market his machines beyond Japan, to expand into North America.  Attending a local school in Japan to learn English, Mr. Uchikoshi met Wesley Nelson (current COO and vice president of sales), who taught him English. Sankosha USA was established in 1993 and opened its first office in Elk Grove Village. In 2006, the company purchased a second building, and recently renovated this facility.


Textile Care Allied Trades Association · 4023 North Armenia Avenue, Suite 270 · Tampa, FL · USA · 33607 · 813-348-0075

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